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  1. Featured Items
  2. Future Orders??
  3. Customizing thumbnail behavior
  4. Where to Purchase Custom Modules, Plugins, Components for Pinnacle Cart?
  5. Product Reviews Plugin/Module
  6. Pinnacle Cart Plug-ins and Extensions
  7. Which file edits the top navigation links/header?
  8. Categories in the top bar
  9. Shipping By ZipCode With Option To Pickup
  10. Share with your network
  11. Problem with reaching_edge
  12. DHL shipping method
  13. Secondary Image Help Needed
  14. Adding WordPress to Shopping Cart
  15. Tagging Feature for Product Listing
  16. Loss of custom design when updating/upgrading
  17. Add new fields to product table
  18. customize/test for live carts
  19. Increase # of prod description words in catalog view?
  20. tax question diffirent county
  21. New Products on Home Page
  22. Anyone using iDev Affiliate Integration
  23. Custom Shipping - without any parameters
  24. Default search change
  25. Custom product search feature
  26. Feature to Modify Placed Orders, Add/Subtract Products from Order
  27. Preserving URLs after Product Title Modification
  28. Validating product option attributes
  29. USPS and/or UPS shipping with Insurance???
  30. sku generation
  31. source code encoded again?
  32. customer categories (wholesaler, retailer, user)
  33. two stores, one database.
  34. custom product search
  35. Changing Order Received Email Contents
  36. New Pinnacle Skin - Feedbacks are welcome
  37. Minimum Quantity feature
  38. Product Name Select Menu
  39. Thank you Reaching Edge
  40. do not want to list products on category page
  41. email message formatting from order page in admin.php
  42. Style Amendment
  43. Subscribe Amendment
  44. Pricing showing 0.00 when using attributes
  45. Anyone using ChatStat?
  46. putting products on a text page
  47. Newbie to Pinnacle: Can I create these features?
  48. display orderid and admin first name in emails sent through pcart
  49. trouble with inserting custom php include
  50. Dropship plugin ??
  51. Customizing User Registration
  52. I need to add a size chart for all my products
  53. How do I add a Flash Intro to my cart?
  54. How do I remove the Product ID from the category page?
  55. Don't sending email after Edit "Email top &bottom"
  56. How do I change the placement of secondary images on the products page?
  57. How do I add custom buttons?
  58. Need urgent help please.
  59. SEO URL Module for Pinnacle Cart Now Available!
  60. Product Promotions
  61. anyone heard from Reaching Edge lately
  62. Buy Now or Purchase Now Button
  63. Adding Checkbox for Product Attribute type
  64. Preselect Attributes
  65. Required Attributes
  66. Continue button
  67. Free shipping with orders over $x.00
  68. localization of taxation
  69. ORDER Box Size
  70. Edit Site Buttons
  71. emails
  72. Changing "Out Of Stock"
  73. Changing Width of Order Box
  74. product_price found being used in wrong spot
  75. Can I have, or create, multiple category views?
  76. disable "zero discount" lines in the invoice
  77. Pinnacle Cart Design and design inspiration
  78. Shipping Options-when PC doesn't get a response from your shipper
  79. Flat Urls with Apache Mod Rewrite
  80. Customizing product pages
  81. How to integrate worldwide express shipping module in pinnacle cart???
  82. Bulk Category Upload Tool
  83. Moving top bar text page links
  84. auto-copy description to overview
  85. Add Specific Products to Page
  86. site background image and index.php
  87. Home Link on top nav
  88. Need help with site bottom PLEASE!
  89. Problem with subcategory products in primary category
  90. Secondary image thumb size
  91. How To: Add Thumbnails to Mini Cart
  92. Editing Pages in Dreamweaver
  93. How to add all attribute option prices together
  94. need help modding admin 'delete product' from prod search results
  95. only show last items added in box_cart
  96. Version upgrades of the cart
  97. Who Needs a Store Locator?
  98. Back & Next buttons
  99. Recurring Orders
  100. RSS on home page
  101. Scratching my head.... Need some help here
  102. Required Fields Dependant on Attributes
  103. Ultimate SEO URL Rewrite Mod
  104. If statement based on page_id?
  105. languages Files
  106. UPS quote shipping for each item separately
  107. Digital Download - Url not on the same domain
  108. Shipping Problem
  109. Different navigation type?
  110. List of Variables for Template Files
  111. Flash Product custom integration
  112. How do I change the placement of secondary images on the products page?
  113. Removing billing/shipping info on signup
  114. Hideing sidebar on product page
  115. Taxes for local jurisdictions
  116. German language file now available!
  117. Category Menu split into sub menus
  118. Product Links next to Sub category images
  119. How can I skip a couple of checkout steps?
  120. Adding News Feed
  121. Changing background image
  122. Flash problem
  123. How do I change the images size for a specific category?
  124. Adding a link to the header sections
  125. Here's how to discount by category
  126. Any ideas on shipping idea?
  127. attributes added in quantity
  128. Keep it all in the familiy - new mod
  129. Pinnacle Cart SEO Module on SALE! Just $174.50!!!
  130. Defining your own smarty tags
  131. customizations only for users who have login
  132. attribute with quantity
  133. background image on few pages only
  134. I'd like to insert a "newest products" into a page outside the cart.
  135. iPhone optimized front end - interested?
  136. Can you have 2 different designs in 1 cart?
  137. walk in sales - no shipping
  138. Is it possible to have the Category box NOT show on the homepage but show on others?
  139. attributes with sub-options
  140. Header and footer missing on One Page Checkout page
  141. Checkout page shipping drop menu too short
  142. Checkout page issue behind firewall
  143. Price items by weight
  144. rss products
  145. Minimum Up Charge Fee
  146. Category Tree - Help
  147. Categories on nav bar
  148. Customize the left nav category menu?
  149. Add Multiple Products to Cart at the same time
  150. how can i: 'see' product.preview from thumbnail page?
  151. How to fix a typo in the gift message instructions
  152. Show actual stock number in product page? (need help pls )
  153. Change order completed message?
  154. trying to add a new page to admin
  155. Quantity Discount showing 10.00000% off instead of 10%. Need urgent help please
  156. Removing "APLUS.NET" From all My Pages
  157. admin_orders files
  158. how can I include fname in newsletter template?
  159. anyone interested in how to sort your users list?
  160. Logged in as (User Name)
  161. Adding to cart from external swf page.
  162. Location of SQL Queries For Products
  163. API Documentation
  164. css styles being overwritten?
  165. adding products per page menu
  166. which html file is it?
  167. problem with search function
  168. Location of Database Settings
  169. can I clear out 'refferrers' from the db?
  170. recent items, can I poke in the thumbs?
  171. Adding ISBN to product pages.
  172. Template Customizations Not Applied
  173. Need urgent help - always showing left column
  174. Change page title css for specific text page
  175. How do I Show something only on homepage and no other page?
  176. help with site bottom css and text pages
  177. forgot username?
  178. Backlog Report
  179. image hyperlinks
  180. Recommended Products not showing up.
  181. One click change of Language
  182. NOW AVAILABLE - Pinnacle Cart Ultimate SEO URL Rewrite Mod
  183. Anyone know how to throttle pinnacle cart newsletter sending?
  184. Pinnacle Cart SEO Module - New Price & Features - $149
  185. Pinnacle Cart Admin Gift Cards / Certificates Module - Now Available - $69 - 1 Week
  186. Wedding Registry?
  187. Anyone know of a Layaway option for checkout?
  188. Adding a link to an attribute - is it possible?
  189. Looking for a custom solution to customize product
  190. tax table?
  191. show on home page plugin
  192. Really need help -> Making Continue Shopping button go to previously viewed product!
  193. has User Accessible Invoices been worked out?
  194. Customizing and Upgrades
  195. have 50-billion categories? I gotta simple fix
  196. Wholesale question
  197. Plugin Architecture
  198. Re-Structure bottom page links into 4 Columns
  199. Creating custom admin pages
  200. Printable Version on Product Page help
  201. Order ID
  202. Multilingual Addon/Plugin
  203. AAARRRFFFGGG! how can I get login to go back to p=home
  204. Need Help Altering product page Code
  205. Display invoice on "Thank You" page
  206. Catagory Design
  207. Notification email
  208. Loyalty Program?
  209. how do i make the right boxes only show in homepage?
  210. This cant be that hard?! Catalog Image Size
  211. Adding Checkbox to Attribute
  212. Basic Help for location in HTML files
  213. php injected into cart pages?
  214. Custom site_top for different categories...need a little help
  215. Can Checkbox attributes be added?
  216. How can I show the security code with Credit Card Storage option?
  217. Transparent png images in IE6
  218. custom search feature
  219. StomperCommerce Using Pinnacle Cart
  220. Number the items in the Cart?
  221. Unable to find pinnacle session on my custom pages
  222. Passing a price variable to Pinnacle Cart from an external form
  223. Pull users from separate DB
  224. adding a variable on checkout
  225. Thickbox / FancyBox
  226. Change "Site Title"
  227. confounded shipping price is driving me nuts
  228. Custom Forms
  229. UPS Negotiated Rates
  230. Can you help? Order box / attribute problem
  231. New product launch - online designer for Pinnacle
  232. Reaching Edge reached the edge and fell off?????
  233. drop ship capabilites
  234. CatalogItemLightbox - trying to change font size
  235. Amazon integrated payment option?
  236. xml data feed
  237. Multiple Foreign Language Implementations
  238. Just getting started - was wondering if anyone here has a combo of digital/shipped
  239. Searching Products
  240. Attribute Customization in Notification Eamil
  241. How to Add Customer Account Numbers
  242. Highlighted Products on Home Page - Play.com
  243. trying to move shipping charge to first stage of one page checkout
  244. I need someone to customize my Pinnacle cart. I'll pay cash.
  245. Adding Script to Base Pages
  246. Discounts applied to brands or categories only?
  247. still trying to move shipping total to first stage
  248. While Page is Loading Message
  249. Change a users password from backend
  250. StoneEdge POS and Pinnacle Cart